Make Way, All - the Forest Has an Unexpected Visitor! Vision Films Presents Boonie Bears: To the Rescue!

Official "Boonie Bears: To The Rescue" Poster Art

Available on VOD October 8 and on DVD on December 17, 2019

​​Vision Films Inc. is delighted to present the fun-filled family adventure coming soon to VOD and DVD, Boonie Bears: To The Rescue. Directed by Leon Ding (Ding Liang), this charming animated feature about the importance of friendship and teamwork is a crazy journey in the lives of the beloved Briar and Bramble, the bear brothers, and their arch-rival, Logger Vick. The film is part of the famous Boonie Bears brand which has been distributed to over 100 countries and territories. After taking the Chinese box-office by storm, Boonie Bears: To The Rescue will finally be available for the first time in the United States on VOD across major platforms on Oct. 8, 2019.

Boonie Bears: To The Rescue will also be released on DVD just in time for Christmas as part of a special 2-DVD pack with Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey on Dec. 17, 2019 from Walmart. Special features include the film in English as well as French and Spanish. 

Make way, all—the forest has an unexpected visitor! Briar and Bramble, the bear brothers and Logger Vick discover a baby girl lost in their sprawling forest. These long-time rivals instantly warm to the little angel and establish a truce as they undergo a chaotic crash course in infant care. Meanwhile, a group of bad guys is in hot pursuit of this mystery baby! The Brother Bears and Logger Vick must team up and formulate a plan to get her home safe and sound.

Featuring the voice talents of Paul (Maxx) Rinehart (Boonie Bears: Spring into Action, Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey), Justin J. Wheeler (Boonie Bears: Spring into Action, Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey), Rick Jay Glen (Boonie Bears: Spring into Action, Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey), Siobhan Lumsden (Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past, Boonie Bears: The Big Top Secret), Toni Thompson (Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey, Boonie Bears: Forest Frenzy), Boonie Bears: To The Rescue is a film that the whole family can enjoy together. The amusing predicaments the memorable characters find themselves in along with the many laugh out loud moments will make this film an instant favorite in the household for young children.

Boonie Bears: To the Rescue will be available on digital for an SRP of $4.99 - $9.99 from platforms including iTunes, Vudu, Playstation, Google Play, Amazon Prime and FandangoNow in the United States and Shaw and Rogers in Canada, as well as cable affiliates including Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon, Frontier, Suddenlink, Mediacom, Google Fiber, Dish and DirectTV.

“Boonie Bears: To The Rescue is the first Boonie Bears feature film and a milestone in the brand, as it marks the fundamental change between the relationship of Vick and the bears. Out of love for the kid, the once arch-enemies have turned into real friends,” shares Kristina Razmerova, Senior Distribution Manager of Fantawild Animation. “Environmental protection has always been our main theme, but since this film, the brand has become more emotional and relatable, as it also revolves around themes like family, friendship, and love.”

“Vision is proud to be presenting Boonie Bears: To The Rescue for the very first time in the United States and Canada,” says Vision Films Managing Director/ CEO, Lise Romanoff. “Watching the Bear brothers and Logger Vick form an unlikely bond over adorable little Lola is a great reminder of how great things can happen when we set aside our differences and work together.”



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